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About Heather & Kari


Heather Hobbs, also known as H.R. Hobbs is a pioneering leader helping other picture book authors successfully get their books into the hands of young readers.


What makes Heather successful with her clients is that she gets what it takes to be a self-published author! “Over the years I’ve dealt with getting my own books self-published and into the hands of young readers. As a middle-grade teacher and author I love doing what I do!”


She is compassionate and supportive to all who know her.


Heather has loved books for as long as she can remember.  As a young reader, she wore out her library card and couldn’t wait to move to the adult section of the library.  Pippi Longstocking was her hero and if she could have run away to a distant island, she would have.  Unfortunately, there were no islands in her small prairie town. 


She was an elementary teacher for 31 years. She holds a Master of Science degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment and has been involved with all aspects of self-publishing and marketing since 2016. Heather lives among the prairies of Canada with her husband.  She spends her time writing, reading and discussing books with friends, and tending flowers when there isn’t snow on the ground.

Her latest project is a picture book about ice fishing for her grandson, Brody.


You can check out her website at


Books by Heather (H.R. Hobbs)

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The Breaking the Rules Series                                       Time Chasers Series


Coming Soon!


Kari Carr, who also writes as K.B. Carr, is the author of the Weird & Wacky Planet non-fiction nature series for 8 to 12-year-olds, and is the host of the Nature Just Got Real! podcast for kids.


Kari has written several picture books but hadn’t published any of them previously. She has finally published her first picture book and is finding the process to be vastly different from her middle-grade series.


She lives in West Michigan with her dog Captain Jack, who’s a girl dog with a pirate’s name, as well as other assorted weird and wacky creatures.


You can check out her Weird & Wacky Planet website at


You can also listen to the NatureJustGotReal! podcast at or watch it as a video HERE.

Books by K.B. Carr

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The Weird & Wacky Planet Series                                             Love Out Loud Series

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