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*Featured Authors!
Kathe Hudson & Melanie Moyer
New Spring Giveaway!
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Kristi Shimada

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and Kristi HERE!

*If you want to be a featured author on The Perfect Picture Book, just recommend another author for a promo campaign. If they sign up, we will feature you on the home page!

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How it Works


"The Perfect Picture Book giveaway was awesome. A brilliant idea that turned into a hefty number of new subscribers. I can't wait for the next giveaway."

Wendy Van de Poll,

Author of Off to School

"Thank you for having Peter the Turtle Can't Poop in your debut Giveaway! We are beyond thrilled to have been a part of it. Participating in the Giveaway was easy - send a book and make posts to giveaway a wonderful bundle of books and goodies! Who doesn't love a giveaway? Best of all, the additional contacts are a huge blessing, thank you!"

Kim Wilch,

Author of Peter the Turtle Can't Poop

"Thank you for the wonderful experience and opportunity. Being amongst a group of beautiful children's book authors was a pleasure and honor."

Kristi Shimada,

Author of The Samurai's Gift

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